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A new technique to inject fillers takes away nearly all the pain

Pain. It tells us what to avoid and protects us from harm. Unfortunately, it is also a fact of life when doing procedures of any kind. You can steel yourself to it when the issue is medical, but it certainly makes us pause when we want to enhance our appearance.

Good news! A new technique to inject fillers takes away nearly all the pain and let's us get on with the beauty. I am talking about injection microcannulas. These long thin blunt tubes allow us to place filler in a very precise manner and in multiple areas, using just a few tiny openings.  The only discomfort (doesn't that sound better than pain!) you will feel is the tiny prick of the needle numbing the entry point.

You will have 4-6 little entry points in a typical Bellafill revolumization session. And because the microcannula is blunt, there is almost no bruising. The entry points disappear in a day, and you are back to work without anyone being the wiser. They will know you did something by how good you look, but they won't know what you did unless you tell them!

For more about microcannula injections for your next filler session, call the office at 305 692 8998.

Yours in good skin health,

Barry Resnik, MD


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