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Don’t let the word CHEMICAL scare you

For those of us who have fine lines, sun spots (NEVER called AGE spots), a little Melasma, accompanied with a hint of under eye crepiness I have two words CHEMICAL PEELS.

In the past anti-aging chemical peels ended up more closely resembling chemical burns and so peels got a bad rap. However chemical peels have not disappeared. Instead, they’ve gotten a makeover – a dramatic one! Thank goodness. There are still some super awesome peels that slough off the dead, the dull and the pore-clogging layer of skin cells such as our “Perfect Ten Peel”. The Perfect 10 Peel is an ideal, non-invasive, low-cost alternative for patients seeking immediate result with minimal discomfort and little downtime. It is specially formulated to be a gentle yet uniquely powerful peel treatment. The hallmark of the Perfect 10 Peels is that it provides actual visible peeling. Don’t let the word CHEMICAL scare you. Not all chemicals are created equal (or evil).



Escargot is the French word for SNAILS…Why am I writing about snails in a beauty and skincare blog? Reason is snail secretion aka Snail Slime has become a top skin-care phenomenon. Snail slime has been an in-demand ingredient in beauty products for years, prized for its supposed anti-aging and skin-rejuvenating properties.

Asian women have used snail slime for quite a long while now. However, for the truly adventurous, spas in Tokyo have started offering facials using real live snails leaving their slippery mucus trail all over your face! Yum!


VITAMIN C Your Rx for Anti-Aging

There are 4 things everyone should know about this very special “Multi-tasking” powerhouse.  It is an Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-aging and a Collagen Stimulator in other words it’s the # 1 Top Secret to Flawless Skin.  Ladies, this is one secret you’ll also want to share with your guy. Anti-Aging isn’t just for women anymore.  Perhaps you’ve noticed his face feels a little dry when you kiss him?  Maybe yours is a little flakey?

Vitamin C creams and serums are highly sought after for their ability to reduce lines, wrinkles and discoloration.  

Vitamin C is critical for your body and plays an important role in maintaining healthy, resilient skin. While young our skin is full of vitamin C, unfortunately aging skin naturally loses this nutrient over time. Other factors like exposure to UV light, pollutants and cigarette smoke compound the decline of vitamin C, while contributing to signs of aging big time. The good news is that you can fight back by replenishing your skin’s vitamin C levels helping to combat and even reverse time’s effect on your face.


Effective medicine for the treatment of Hidradenitis Suppurativa

I am very excited to tell you about a new study evaluating a very effective medicine for the treatment of Hidradenitis Suppurativa. This condition is difficult to treat and causes significant difficulty for those who suffer with it.

My special interest in this disease has led me to become a board member of the Hidradenitis Suppurativa Foundation, the non-profit organization dedicated to the treatment and cure of this disease.



 1. The summer HEAT RASH….Who has not had an annoying, itchy summer heat rash also known as prickly heat or miliaria.   This is a pretty common condition in which areas of the skin feel prickly or sting due to your body overheating. Do you have tiny bumps surrounded by a zone of red skin?  It usually occurs on parts of the body which are clothed, such as the back, abdomen, neck, upper chest, groin, or armpits and usually gets better once the skin has cooled. Heat rashes mostly happen in hot, humid conditions. It’s most common in infants, active people, newborns in incubators, and patients confined to bed with fever. Tip: 1. Wear lightweight breathable fabrics. Tip: 2. Avoid heavy creams or ointments to prevent blocked sweat ducts. Dr. Resnik suggests applying Our NO-ITCH LOTION Sooooo soothing.  Also Hydrocortisone Cream 2.5% after the Dr. gives counseling on how to use.              

2. The Summer SUNBURN…..Really? Yes Really! Because I work for a dermatologist and actually have seen the damage on skin with my very own two eyes caused by SUNBURN, I freak when I see people still baking out in our Florida sun. Baking in the sun is a very bad idea. It looks bad, hurts bad, peels horribly and causes wrinkle-inducing damage. It’s especially bad for kids. Even one blistering burn may double their lifetime risk of melanoma, a serious skin cancer. And it’s totally preventable with Tip 1: a good broad spectrum sunscreen such as Our Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50+ water resistant 40 minutes. Tip 2: Even better, sunscreen plus Heliocare an oral sun-avoidant supplement. This South American fern extract helps decrease and remove the damage done to the DNA in your skin.  It is as close to sunscreen in a pill as we have today, and it is available right here at Resnik Skin Institute. Tip 3: Shade and SPF clothing and or beach gear, but, alas mistakes do happen. So here’s what you should do: 


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